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Organic gardens – consulting & design

Would you like to transform or to establish your garden in an organic, low-maintenance, environmentally friendly way, and to create a beautiful place for relaxation? I am offering consulting and design of organic gardens, especially in Prague and Central Bohemia.

I am a graduated biologist and also a DAPD (Diploma of Applied Permaculture Design) holder, so in my designs I am also using the elements of permaculture. This means that the design is sustainable and yields its users food and other products, as the local self-reliance is an important part of permaculture. But it doesn’t matter if you are not interested in producing food. We will create a garden which will be close to beautiful parts of nature which you can see on your walks in the forests and meadows, so we will use the wild plants growing in the Czech nature, but also the traditional plants which were growing in Czech country gardens for centuries. These plants are usually quite low-maintenance.

Our cooperation:

I always need to visit the garden in person as no description or photos can provide me with enough information about the whole complex system of the plot and its environment.

So we will look at the garden together and I will ask you various questions about your needs, expectations and visions of the garden. Then I can provide you either a less detailed, general advice, or a detailed plan of the garden with lists of suitable plants.

The price is 500 Kč for one hour of my work, so that a very detailed design may cost 4000 – 5000 Kč. I can also provide you with plants and seeds from my garden, and to accompany you on shopping of plants in a garden center.